We are developing projects for the world’s leading textile companies.

The first thing we do with our clients is to get to know them. To do this, we start with an audit process that allows us to see how they work, what their objectives are and how far they are in achieving them. During this process we focus on the following basic steps.

01 Understanding the current processes of our clients in their supply chain through a theoretical analysis
  • Existence of regulations, indications or internal standards.
  • Type of packaging (materials, measurements, qualities, technical specifications).
  • Logistics: type of transport, intermediate consolidations, automated or manual installations, etc.
  • Performance/efficiency of the supply chain
02 Once we understand the internal methology we start with a more practical analysis
  • We visit our clients’ facilities to learn about their operations and needs.
  • We verify the arrival process of the import packaging in which we analyse the specific technical aspects.

With all these data we obtain the necessary information to be able to present suggestions for improvement.

03 New guidelines regarding packaging approach
  • Box sizes.
  • Quality.
04 New regulations regarding filling approach
  • Creation of filling scripts.
  • Optimisation of the filling ratio.

The next step is the implementation of all these measures in the supply chain in a real way. We look for solutions to find capable suppliers for each customer at each location. At the moment we have an extensive worldwide supplier network, which is growing day by day, our goal is to find the right manufacturer for each customer.

We develop IT tools, thus providing our customers with real-time information about their products. Traceability is one of the pillars of our project, showing the process from the beginning to the delivery of orders.

To improve day by day we belive in control and monitoring as the best option. Through our verification team and our computer systems we have theoretical and practical analysis available to our clients, to achieve the established objectives and to continue improving.

Audit process results

  • Reduction of the level of incidences more than 90%
  • Traceability of raw materials, guaranteeing compliance with standards and regulations
  • Compliace of certified packaging suppliers with social and enviromental policy according to International standars and the client’s policy
  • Optimization of import operations, achieving significant cost savings
  • Support for the implementation of new action protocols
  • Support for development and implementation of new internal regulations
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