Simei Global Consulting was created in response to the need to bring sustainability to the origin of the sourcing. As part of Cubicaje Group, with more than two decades of experience in the world of packaging and logistics, SGC Works since his foundation with leading companies in the textile sector. Helping them to implement ambitious projects to improve the efficiency of the supply chain, circular economy and sustainability.

/ Innovation

At SGC we understand innovation providing value to the client. We currently have extensive experience and knowledge in the sector, so we have develop a IT tool to optimise the supply chain through the control of operations.

We enable our clients to obtain information on their processes in real time. We guarantee traceability in our actions.

/ Sustainability

At SGC we believe in the circular model as the best option in the production process and for this reason we work with our clients trying to make each step as sustainable as possible.

We participate in the following Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Global Compact, guaranteeing social and environmental sustainability in our business activities.

– ODS 8. Decent work and economic growth.
– ODS 9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure.
– ODS 12. Responsible production and consumption.

/ Efficiency

We are based on two key aspects:

– Environmental: We achieve that through our actions we reduce incidences and, as a consequence, use fewer materials in the final production. Reducing the environmental impact.

– Economic: The reduction of incidences always results in high economic savings our customers.

/ Traceability

“From the origin to the consumer”.

Thanks to our developments and our worldwide network of suppliers, we are able to offer complete and clear information on the products we offer.

With continuous monitoring we can obtain information on all the steps of the production process.

Social and environmental traceability:

– Social: We guarantee that our suppliers comply with a regulatory framework and/or social sustainability policies.

– Environmental. Our products have the FSC certification, participating in the protection of ecosystems and forests with high conservation value.

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