About us

We are a young company that develops projects with some of the leading textile companies in the international market, helping them to be more effective in their import operations and achieved significant savings, also allowing them to achieve compliance with their sustainability policies and objectives.


Supply chain optimization

Improving import operations

The optimization in the management of the packaging, as well as the adaptation of the technical characteristics to the needs of the companies guarantees an important saving of costs, as well as a better operative and productivity of the logistic centers and warehouses. To achieve the optimization of the supply chain, if necessary, the packaging used by the suppliers will be adapted.

Improved space utilization

Transportation represents an important cost in the importation of products. Proper packaging design helps achieve significant savings.

Improvement of transport processes

Loading to the ground, palletized on wooden or cardboard pallets, use of slip sheets, etc. Transportation offers a multitude of possibilities, and at Simei we have enough experience to help our customers improve their transportation processes.

Sustainability in the supply chain

At Simei we guarantee the sustainability of the supply chain, designing packaging suitable for reuse and recycling.

of textile fabrics

Textile companies generate tissue waste during their productions. From Simei we help these companies to recover tissues from any origin and to transfer them to points where they can be treated to obtain again suitable tissue for new productions.